The Senate Investigative Report: Goldman Accused of Perjury by Levin: It’s Time to Bring On The Criminal Charges

19 Apr


Here is the full 650 Page Report:

(4-13-11) – Wall Street & the Financial Crisis – Anatomy of a Financial Collapse

This is a broad reaching report from Max and Stacy

From perjury to escalating gold and on to the unraveling of the American economy.

In today’s Keiser Report Stacy and Max cover the top story of the week: some of the content of the new Senate Investigative Report on the Financial Crisis including, among other things, Carl Levin’s accusations against Goldman Sachs’ Lloyd Blankfein for perjury in Congress after massive shorting of the mortgage backed securities market in 2007.

Will the Justice Departtment file charges? Only time will tell…

The second half of the show features one of our favorite analysts, Janet Tavakoli as she takes apart the Berkshire Hathaway David Sokol Insider Trading issues… Rightly pointing out that the SEC is doing a great job – of covering up and distracting attention away from the massive frauds it is being given information about from all quarters.

So the supposed good guy of the American investing world Warren Buffet turns out to be just another one of the scumbags of Wall Street.

From there we go to Wachovia Bank and the blatant money laundering of Mexican drug cartel money – whoops – Wachovia, and Wells Fargo – a long string of abuses and no action, in fact, aiding and abetting, by the regulators.

Seriously good report this week.




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