Goldman CEO Blankfein Hires Weingarten Top White Collar Crime Defense Attorney

24 Aug

According to U.K.’s The Guardian:

Blankfein hires attorney Reid Weingarten, who is described as specializing in “white-collar criminal defence, and has represented former WorldCom chief executive Bernard Ebbers and former Enron accounting officer Richard Causey. Both men are incarcerated after being convicted of fraud charges.”

[Whoops,now that wasn't the idea was it, Lloyd? ]

Meantime,”Jake Zamansky, the US attorney nicknamed “Jaws” who spearheaded the successful pursuit of the investment banks after the dotcom crash” is predicting a coming onslaught of legal battles for the investment banks over the mortgage crisis.”

Interestingly, this story is breaking news over in the U.K. where it is a lead story in The Guardian  and the Telegraph – even if not so much at home.

Let’s take a quick scan, shall we?

And this is not just a scan of what is in the top news, it’s actually LOOKING FOR the key names in the story… the pickings are paultry.

Reuters has one story and one column – both ‘analyzing’ and ‘decoding’ the Blankfein move…

You know, the ‘let’s tell a story about the story’, kind of story…

Business Insider has a story: ‘When the lawyer fits the crime’
We have to count them, even if they are not actually mainstream or general readership, because they really covered the story.

The Wall Street Cheat Sheet rings in as number 3 in the US bunch…

Bloomberg mentions it in a story on Compliance dealing with a Grand Jury process as they describe “a win’ for the regulators, but the clandestine natuer of the whole report on “Mr. H” and the Grand Jury is nothing like the the Telegraph or Guardian for those looking for some sign that there will finally be some serious legal action in this mess.

It’s the Telegraph and The Guardian who make it headline grabbing news stories.

And where is the rest of the mainstream media in the US?

Covering the next ‘story of the day’ wihch will be replaced by tomorrow’s story of the day – in an endless stream of news non-sequitors which will lead nowhere and do nothing.

Last we heard before the DC earthquake, they were busy with  obnoxious-in-a-suit talk show host Piers Morgan and his ridicule of the American political system.

Genius.  Just what we need. An arrogant and pompous Brit insulting Americans who want to address real issues by demanding they talk about sex!  Perfect.
Because everyone knows if you can’t handle being destroyed by the media, you can’t handle American politics – unless you are their chosen pick.  Just ask

Guess that’s why we have to read The Guardian and the Telegraph here at home…


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