Grayson on Foreclosure Fraud Being Rampant in Florida

30 Sep

Alan Grayson provides some stunning evidence of the ongoing foreclosure fraud in Florida and around the country…

Servicers make $6,000. per foreclosure – otherwise, servicing is a break even business. Freddie and Fannie are shareholders in MERS… and have been using the same foreclosure mills the servicers are using; and 97% of all mortgages from 2005 to 2008 are in the MERS system.

Getting signatures on fraudulent documents is as easy as hiring “Lender Processing Services” or LPS; a company who will create whatever fraudulent documents you need in order to foreclose.

Any judges still processing foreclosures in this environment should be held accountable for gross violation of their oath of office and of due process of law  – there is no other way to see it.

Watch and learn -


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