Greg Hunter on Max Keiser: Questionaable Title in All US Homes’ Titles?

05 Dec

Our favorite lunatic, Max Keiser, gest serious and down to the brass tacks of the foreclosuregate and mortgage fraud crisis with Greg Hunter – investigative reporter from North Carolina. Don’t miss a word of this one!

Hmmm.  These sound very familiar. These statements are so familiar in fact that we have to say if you hear these interviews and think we started this conversation you’re not quite right but yes in fact, we have been talking about this a while and Greg Hunter is also one of the few folks who has been saying these things as long as we have been.

This is the education the main stream media isn’t wanting to help you get as they ‘tell the story’ of the foreclosuregate, robosigners and all the rest – it’s a title issue folks – a title issue means it threatens the underlying chain of title on properties across the nation – and that means we cannot ensure clear title. Not a pretty picture for us, for the real estate industry or for the American private property owners of the present and future.  Is this a set up? We wonder how it can not be. We wonder if the FED has plans for ownership of US property none of us has been thinking of… (after all, now all these bad assets are sold into Freddie and Fannie and who takes them over?)

Greg Hunder – – former investigative reporter for CNN and ABC News:

“Promissory note is in the same family as a Federal Reserve Note. It’s a unique instrument. You cannot make a copy of a Federal Reserve Note – a Promissory is also a financial instrument. Payment and ownership at the same time, you cannot make copies of it. No note, no houses. No note no foreclosures. They need the notes to foreclose. They didn’t have the note. What was the robo-signing about? Lawfirms set up foreclosure mills to prove they owned the house so they can foreclose. No promissory note, no secuirity. No security, no ratings evidence.

Anybody who owns a home, even if you’re not in foreclosure, according to Adam Levitton, professor of law at Georgetown University, says there is a question of who owns all of the real estate in America because of this crisis. that means there is a title problem to all the real estate in America even if you’re paying your mortgage on time.”




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  1. Richard Garcia

    December 8, 2010 at 12:58 pm

    This is one of the best explanation of the worst fraud in the history of the World….Are You Going To Sit Or Stand There and TAKE IT!