How Sweet it is: Fed to Bail Out IMF? Well, Why the Heck Not?

05 Dec

Just when the American people have been given the news that they are soon to be subject to indefinite detainment or detention in foreign prisons without a trial, hearing or any of that ‘messy’ stuff needed in order to conform to the rule of law or the constitution…And just after the latest FED audit has provided the information that the bailouts were not, ahem, in the billions, but, were in fact, in the trillions… Along comes the next phase in the carefully orchestrated financial coup ‘d’etat of the peoples of the globe by those lovely financial elite and their puppet politicians and banking executives.

Another way for the American people to be enslaved to the banksters with bailouts for the IMF coming from the FED.

How sweet it is to be the endless teet of the world bankers – and all it costs us is our homes, our paychecks, our health care, our retirements and our food supply.  No more eating for the useless eaters, it seems… Our wealth, what little of it we have left, will now become the manna for the final solution of handing over the last of the fiat paper on earth which pretends to represent real wealth and then all the goods it can (currently) purchase to bail the rest of the world out of a debt crisis created by the banks.

It’s interesting no one has brought up the wholesale theft of the farms of America in the years after the ’29 crash – has everyone forgotten this is how the banksters steal everything the people own once every 80 or 90 years? Perhaps it is simply that not enough Americans have lost in this current battle yet to sense the vast financial predator moving in their midst – perhaps in a year or two, when the majority of Americans are in deep financial trouble, and the ‘entitlement’ programs paid for by all Americans are stripped to the bone in order to cover the cost of the ‘debt crisis’ there will be an awakening.  For now, the American populace sleeps as their right to disagree with their government is stripped away, as their money is stolen as their houses are devalued and locked up to be left empty and rotting… and they themselves move in with family or friends or find themselves homeless and jobless.

Meantime the talking heads talk, the bloggers blog, the OWS protesters sit in jails across the country,, and the main stream media obfuscates and complicates what is essentially a very simple and easy to understand state of affairs: the banks are stealing the world, and the leaders of the world are assisting them in the effort.

Fed may give loans to IMF to help euro zone: paper

(Reuters) – The Federal Reserve, along with the 17 euro zone national central banks, may help provide the International Monetary Fund with funds that could be used to aid debt-ridden states, a German newspaper said.

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