Iceland Rejects IceSave Package: Private Citizens Won’t Bail Out Private Banks

14 Apr

Iceland has done it again.

Those Icelanders just keep saying no to the bankers – and it’s making their PM quite nervous. But we say “Good on Ya!” to Iceland – for kicking the banks in the booty once more.

Here’s a clip from Evil of Independence – quoting Mish on the subject – and we could not agree more… Go, People of Iceland.  You are the ONLY people on earth setting the RIGHT example for the banks and for the other peoples of the world. Thank you!


Icelandic Voters Reject “Icesave” Again, Effectively Telling UK and Netherlands Banks “Go to Hell”; Iceland’s Common Sense Stance

“Icelandic voters want no part of “Icesave”. Even the name “IceSave” is preposterous. Iceland was save by the fact voters rejected “Icesave”. Icelanders would have been debt-slaves for decades had they accepted the original terms.

How many times do citizens have to say no? Hopefully voters give Prime Minister Johanna Sigurdardottir a well deserved boot in the next election.

Moreover, Iceland needs to rethink why it would want to be part of the Eurozone in the first place. I suggest Iceland put the Euro to another vote.”

Via MISH’S Global Economic Trend Analysis


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