Introducing Catherine Austin Fitts: Getting a Hold of The Larger Parasitic Financial Corporate Banking Pictures

04 Dec

Those who know us know we’ve spoken of her for some time and often recommend her atricles and insights. Now, we have finally had time to put up some of her work here for your review. We suggest you take ti one video at a time – there are four and that you stretch yourself to take in what it is she is saying.

You may find yourself alarmed by her later conclusions in this piece; but if you have actually dollowed her from the start it will all make perfect sense and you can begin to think your way out of the tape worm economy.  Some say it is too late – we say it is never too late…





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  1. Richard Garcia

    December 5, 2010 at 12:02 pm

    Catherine Rocks….She tell it like it is and presents a way out of this mess!