It Just Gets Better and Better…

23 Jul

Max and Stacy take us on the roller coaster ride that is the current world markets and sovereign nations moving in their own ways to solve the problem: as Europe slams the door shut on Goldman Sachs as their primary bond trader – and kicked them out – as the US goes even deeper into destruction as Goldman and the banksters continue to rape and pillage the US populace…

Who would know that the US is behind the times in kicking out the bad guys? Goldman pays 15M in fines on BILLIONS (or is that trillions?) in profits while Europe says “GET OUT THIEVES!” and kicks them all out!

Makes you wonder if Denninger is right that Europe will fall before the US… if they are smart enough to kick out the bad guys while we support Bernanke and Geithner while they continue to represent the very ‘bad guys’ that Europe has already kicked out…

And that’s only the FIRST half of the show!

Just wait until you get into the 2nd half as the energy equation of economics is now brought to bear in a world of economics which has failed to take energy cost/needs/spend/GDP relationships into account in their comprehension of economics and energy.

great show guys.

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