It’s Assembly-Line Fraud: Life in 2012 in the Municipal Bond Market; This Just After MF Global’s “Plausible Deniability” Theft of Customer Funds

30 Mar

It is beyond ridiculous.  JP Morgan is now the biggest municipal bond player (even after Jefferson County)  _ Oh it’s Institutionalized Fraud… No problem..
Yup. The policy is shifting as multi-billionaire fraud and bribery controls all of the financial world…

How to get capital allocated to you: Simple, bribe them. Then steal everything from everyone and let the central banks flood the room with money and let the ‘muppets’ pay the price once again… Welcome to the new financial world: No matter what, you, dear citizen; consumer, customer…destruction paid for by you.

Thansk Max and Stacy, you’ve done it again. The end of the world of real finance is here. Join a local farmer’s market and grow your own food – much simpler and more reliable.

Stay tuned for Joshua Brown in part two as Max and Josh discuss “Back Stage Wall Street”. Great show.




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