It’s Official: CNBC is Insane and America Seems to be Joining Them: Bulldoze the Foreclosed Houses

28 Apr

We have to tell you that we are not optimistic about the state of US brain power.

CNBC Video and Headline – even came with a public poll…

The zerohedge piece is posted from – but the comments at zh are much more entertaining.

Our favorite so far is – “There’s this new invention, you may have heard of it, it’s called “PAINT”. ”

In a country with record unemployment, massive debt and more millions joining the food stamps ranks every month it seems only the insane are contributing to the thought pool.

And most definitely the old American adage “You better not give anything to anyone who isn’t ME, because I am SURE they don’t deserve it and it would be a terrible thing to help anyone without publicly humiliating them and shaming them first” is hanging in there strong. As is the “Banks are really great because they all make profits which means they must be the productive good guys”.

Seems common sense and logic as well as common caring for fellow humans are all going out the window with the value of the dollar.

Never mind even a THOUGHT of the dwindling natural resources tied up in these houses. How many slabs of granite do you suppose there are in those 1.8 million homes? How much wood? How much wiring and plumbing?

Bulldozing perfectly good houses – in order to stimulate the market… (Read: save the banks’ butts again) is the perfect Orwellian answer to our problems. Destruction equals Economic Stimulus and Progress.
We give up.

Here is the video from CNBC:

And here is the article posted at

CNBC Video | Let’s Bulldoze The Foreclosed Homes Because the “Fixtures, the WIFI, or Whatever, Even the Color is Not Going to be Stylish By the Time Someone Buys Them”

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Submitted by 4closureFraud on 04/21/2011 13:28 -0400


Should Gov’t Pay to Reduce Housing Supply?

The shadow inventory of homes in the United States currently stands at 1.8 million units. That’s a nine-month supply. Add to that the current 8.6-month supply of existing homes on the market and you can bet home prices will decline further. Some say destroying the homes to get rid of the excess supply is the only way out of this mess. But who pays?

Should the government pay to bulldoze abandoned, foreclosed homes to shed excess housing supply?

Share your opinion at the CNBC poll here…

They’d rather throw people in the streets and bulldoze the homes than work out a solution…

Ever think that they might not have clear title to these homes and the only option is to bulldoze?

And the fraudclosures continue…


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