Jeffrey Stephan Video: GMAC’s “Team Leader” of Foreclosure and Service Transfer

30 Sep

These are purported to be the actual video records of the
deposition of one Jeffrey Stephan of GMAC.

Can we just say, first off, that we really thought; at the end of the first one that this had to be some kind of joke – and we actually wondered if this person was an actor or if this whole thing was a scam.  But it’s now posted up over at as the deposition of Jeffrey Stephan.

If  these are legitimate videos, that the truth is far stranger than any fiction we have ever encountered.

And here is the second one:





No, not really – see the comment from below…


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    October 1, 2010 at 8:27 am

    It is a spoof guys.. Naked Cap tipped everyone off when they said look at the 5 min mark…

    Quite obvious…