Keiser Report: Dimon, Bernanke and the Fed Meeting; Jim Rodgers and Utah House Bill 371

14 Jun

Max and Stacy take on the current bla bla heads – commentary on Jamie Dimon’s hijacking of the Fed press conference;
Best quote of Stacy from this show:: “They are the same. The Fed are the private bankers. Jamie Dimon is Ben Bernanke, there is no difference between them.”

From there we move on to Jim Rodgers who is buying silver and rice; and shorting one large Wall Street firm… (zero hedge places bets on JP Morgan for this one). Rodgers points out the US is completely overleveraged in bad wars and over-spending all of which is making us enemies around the globe.

The 2nd half of the program introduces David Morgan reporting on the new Utah State law House Bill 371 – the first State putting back into law on a voluntary bases the ability to use gold and silver in transactions.

For right now the only acceptable gold and silver is Gold or Silver Eagles. A depository has been set up for people to use for their gold and silver and to draw against the depository with a debit card process.

These are some powerful steps to regain State rights. Plenty to consider here all around. Happy viewing.


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