Keiser Report: “Fed Says Average American Household lost 20%” But Average Net Worth of Billionaires Increased by 25% at the Same Time…

31 Mar

Ah – the billionaire doers according to Steve Forbes are ‘creating the wealth” which is “good for everyone”  hmmmm.  How did that happen?  If it’s true, then how did the average American lose 23% of their wealth?

Not a match?
Oh that’s okay – Glen Beck is blaming the unions for the loss of wealth in America.
It’s the union organizers who are the dangerous guys…

Not quite on target?

Oh, but what actual run on the banks that DID happen?
Oh right – the FED came and said give us 700Billion or we’ll see
a collapse of the system… remember that?
So, everyone be good. Don’t do anything that might
“Scare” the banks into ‘collapsing’.

Oh Stacy You just do such a lovely job here. THANKS, as usual. :D


and then rolling right along to Dimitry Orlov and a clear discussion of
the true reality of the American collapse.  Yes, Americans have not
yet understood that the government does not belong to the people…

and yes, the founder of the Liberty Dollar, Bernie von NotHaus,
in spite of his getting Dept of Treasury and Justice approval before
Creating his alternate silver backed currency, was just jailed for
25 years and called a terrorist by an American judge.

A Full plate in this report, and not one to be missed.


If you are interested in more from Dimitry Orlov and getting more insight on
preparation for the advancing collapse, here is a blog with a posted talk he gave recently on the subject.


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