Mainstream Media Reporting: Giving Credence Where None is Due

08 Jun

Gotta love the way the mainstream media keeps telling us what they think they can get away with…

Bloomberg’s stellar example of how to report the news in the wake of the most damning bipartisan investigation in decades makes it all too clear how the people are supposed to be thinking:

Goldman Sachs Too Big to Prosecute

Following this logic, Pol Pot was probably too evil to hold accountable for the millions he murdered…  Or, was Hitler ‘too powerful’ to go to war against?  Lucky for us our grandparents didn’t think this way!

The logic is stunning in its insanity.

A financial system is too fragile to stand to be cleaned up when its biggest players are all crooks and fraudsters?  How then is one to conduct honest business?  How is a country to operate if its main financial powers are all corrupt?  By ALLOWING THEM TO CONTINUE THEIR CORRUPT WAYS?

Following this logic, we think it makes perfect sense if the US government immediately ceases all activity to clean up the gulf of Mexico, releases all convicted criminals from prison (after all, it’s too much work and expense to keep them locked up) and begins willfully destroying the entire US infrastructure.  Those roads and highways and schools are just not worth the time and energy it takes to run them, after all.

Oh, wait. That’s what we are doing…

In case you do not think this is the truth, just read the article – or read about the Wells Fargo ‘deferred prosecution’ on their drug money laundering… This is the new way we do business in the US. We let the crooks do what they want and defer doing anything about it until the time has past to do anything.

Much better to let the crooks run the whole system and stay safe from some form of ‘collapse’

Go team.



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