Mass Psychosis and the IMF Overlords Taking Out Europe

26 Jul

In this very important and informative Keiser Report Max and Stacy take on the US national psychosis, the Big Pharma and Big Economic psychotics that is driving the world into economic and cultural collapse.  As Bernancke declares that US consumer use of credit cards (to pay for essentials) marks a surge and return of consumer confidence – [evidence of his psychotic position], the rest of the world [you and me] look on in awe and wonder – it comes times to ask the question “Are these people all just naturally crazy? Or is there a more sinister plan here?

The answer to that question comes from Adrian Salbuchi – a risk analyst from Argentina who has seen the IMF driven collapse of a sovereign nation and its currency first hand; as he explains just what the game is that is afoot, and why – The answer may surprise you.

This is not to be missed Keiser Reporting at its best.



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  1. anotherpawn

    July 27, 2011 at 12:00 pm

    I hope more people WAKE UP and start taking action. Our countries are being RUINED by corrupt banks and greed. These crooks are just trying to keep dumbing us all down so WE can keep paying for THEIR CRIMES.