Matt Taibbi on Max Keiser: TALF, Goldman, Carl Levin, And the Bankers Propaganda of America

27 Apr

Two of the best investigators into the criminal financial crisis come together to discuss Matt’s latest piece “The Housewives of Wall Street”.

If you are interested in the back story of the FED and TALF and the FED’s emergency lending – who’s on that list?!

Senator Sanders gave Matt a call to go over the list …

Christie Mack – wife of head of John Mack, then-head of Morgan Stanley who got a 220 million dollar non recourse loan for the company she was involved with – direct from the TALF.. Nice work if you can get it!

Christi Mack, Wayne Eisengood, (owner of the Miami Dolphins) and others just got a great free lunch from the FED (read the US taxpayers).

This is seriously gotta watch stuff.

No, Max, no one gets it, that the debts are going up not down…

It was a massive free lunch for the billionaires and left the people going broke, ah, tut that’s how we do it here in the US, right?






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