Max and Stacy: Dollar Days Hit Global Central Banks & True Monetary Education and Reform with Bill Still – Should be Required Viewing for ALL People of the World. Take Back the Money Power

20 Sep

Social Unrest. Wild Dollar Printing- by European Central Banks, Japanese Banks, Swiss Banks – Whoo Hoo – For everyone but the Tax Payers. – Part One.

Bill Still gives perhaps one of the BEST educational pieces we’ve ever seen on the current monetary system, what is wrong with it, and what we absolutely need to do to fix the problem. We have always loved Bill Still, but this may be one of the best pieces we have EVER seen on the reality of money and what is going on in the world of money around the world. We know that 99percent of the people of the world are completely ignorant of the monetary system and this one short video will be a HUGE educational benefit to every single person who watches it.

* Speical Note to Californians:
California State Study Commission to Study State Bank of North Dakota to Learn To Follow Its Model. – All You Californians have Seven Days to Get Your Governor to Sign the Bill.


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