Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert – Breaking the Stories No One Else is Brave Enough To Touch

29 Jan

Of all the sources for cogent information out there, I have to say my all time, hands down, top of the heap favorite is still Max Keiser and his Max Keiser Report with Stacy Herbert.  These two are absolutely on target and on track as they cover the real stories behind the stories in today’s ever more insane world.

Best of all, they are fun – they are funny – AND they, in the vast majority of their work, GET IT RIGHT.  Here’s Max and Stacy – Thanks for Being Out There and Taking us all with you!

So long as Max and Stacy are out there telling the truth – as ludicrous and outrageous as it becomes – there is a chance that at some point the people of the world can find out – and wake up -

Now as the banks crash the markets while the Senate “takes on this most important bank reform legislation” and scare everyone into backing off and backing down – Even as the Rules of the WTO forbid and reign in governments from regulating the size of financial institutions – we at least have front row seats to the financial terrorism now running the western world.

I’m with Stacy on this one – Let’s all petition the Supreme Court for Corporate Personhood for Live People! We’d have more rights and more power – AND we could all run all our earnings through the Cayman Islands just like Goldman Sachs does and eliminate our tax burden! SLICK! No Longer Are the Too Big to Fails Our Enemies! Instead they are our ROLE MODELS!



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