Max Keiser, Karl Denninger and Stacy Herbert – “Happy Conspiracy Insiders”, Gold, IMF, Soros & More!

23 Feb

While Max rattles off some of the best material (and exactly right financial observations) that will have you gasping for breath and rolling on the floor while you say to yourself “holy sh*t, he really knows his stuff – even if he does like to play the clown” – and Stacy just rolls through the blow by blow in a majorly historic unravelling of the con games in play from Gold to Financial manipulation – well all we can say from here is that if you want to have a clue this is the video for you! Superb job all across the board here. Thanks guys – we knew if anyone could put it in perspective it was you!

When you throw Karl into the mix – well – here you have it: whatever you might have thought was going on – or whatever the media is selling you – here is where to get some real clarity about what is REALLY going on. Watch and learn… and – as always, with these guys – you’ll be laughing all the way to your new understanding. Great Job! Hysterical. Honest. the Hordes. and the Real Truth about Unemployment…

(Lowest level wage earners in US at 30% unemployment – top level wage earners at 3% unemployment – as”Capitalism has been rescinded by the Fraud of the Big Banks… to the new neo feudal model” as Max puts it…)

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