Max Keiser Keiser Report #103; JP Morgan 80% of Mortgages Bad; B of A Billions in Bad Loans?; Tavakoli to Congress: Cleaning Up the ‘Fraud as a Business Model’ Presentation to Congress on GSEsand then on to Michael W. Hudson “The Monster”

14 Dec

Max and Stacy cover a whole host of trash that just needs to be taken out to the curb in this edition of the Keiser Report… Freakish, frightening, but not to be ignored.

Americans plunging deeper into debt as the world continues to crash around them… Not paying down the debt as suspected – reductions in debt are due to write off of debts by banks: Americans still over-borrowing in face of lack of work.

“How can we have a country when there is no respect for the rule of law? We have a problem with accountability right now – no one is holding the big banks accountable. It’s a real problem.”

No kidding!


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