Max Keiser Reports on Next Bailout & Real Estate Crash, Then Turns to ‘A Time for Change’

10 Aug

In this newest Max Keiser report we hear about what the next round of bailouts will look like, the data analysts report on the robot trading machines running the markets and what it all means… Nanex reports on the robots’ tracks in the market. Trades before the market opens? Really? Really…

Extend and Pretend is Alive and Well, the Financial Dead Zone rolls on…

In part two you will learn about the new film Time for Change documenting what communities are doing around the world that is outside of the financial crisis in local and community monetary systems. Bregtje van der Haak about her film “Time for Change”

“The choice we have now is between trusting banks and trusting people.”

Surprise surprise it all comes back to getting to rebuilding our communities and knowing our neighbors…


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