Max Keiser Reports on Social Fury, Sovereign Debt Crises and Guillotine Cakes

27 May

The latest edition of the Keiser Report – and all we can say is “It keeps getting better!”

In this latest Max Keiser Report we hear the inside scoop on the Bernanke confirmation and threats of economic collapse; the phenomena known as Social Fury; US Government web sites defining Conspiracy Theory; Guillotine Cakes   and the European Sovereign Debt Crisis all followed up withy  an excellent interview with German Trends Forecaster Dr. Joern Berninger.  Definitely a sharply targeted, relevant and well focused Report from Max Keiser this week.

May 27th, 2010 by stacyherbert

Stacy Summary: We look at the scandals of guillotines and conspiracy theories, Fed rackets and capital flows. In the second half of the show, Max interviews Dr. Joern Berninger about the European “debt crisis”, when France was “technically bankrupt” on May 7, and about the China bubble debate. **UPDATE** – As Dr. B said, the fate of euro will depend on what China does.


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