Max Weidner Shares Story of Home with NO Mortgage Foreclosed!?! No We are NOT Kidding.

23 Sep

This piece from Max Weidner’s blog is perhaps more extreme than most examples, but it is a case in point: If the lenders can successfully foreclose on a property that HAS NO MORTGAGE then it is not hard to see why they are achieving foreclosures with homes where there is a mortgage when the chain of title of the mortgage holder is completely flawed and fraudulent documents are used to proceed anyway…

And, yes, need we say it? Alan Grayson has the right idea: a complete moratorium on ALL foreclosures until this mess is straightened out. Period. No more homeowners being kicked to the curb (literally) with no due process of law.  Enough is enough.

Sun Sentinel- Home Sold in Foreclosure With No Mortgage On It!

September 23rd, 2010 ·

For those of you that think the foreclosure crisis doesn’t impact you, consider the stories that will start to surface where lenders had no right to foreclose, such as the one in this article where the owner didn’t even have a mortgage on the property.

Sun Sentinel Article

While this is the most dramatic example, every day in court there are homeowners who are in formal repayment or modification programs with their lenders or the servicers, but a foreclosure sale is scheduled. I predict a wave of such reports over the next several months because the lenders have lost touch with the mills that are pushing these sales through.  And just forget about all the short sale and other people the are in the middle of modification discussions.  The system is so fatally flawed that only a moratorium will help to protect rights….just what was requested by US Congressman Alan Grayson.


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