Michael Hudson: One Clear Sane Voice In the Global Economic Crisis

20 Dec

In this brilliant interview Michael Hudson lays it out in plain English so that anyone can understand what is really going on in the ‘global financial crisis’ which is not a crisis at all so much as it is a powerplay by the financial heavy weights and their corporate bosses to destroy and destabilize the nations of the world.

The return to Feudalism – a new day as the people who fled Europe’s debt peonage to come to the new world are now going to have to allow their nations to sell off all their assets and resources to the corporations in order to pay for the costs of serving their populations – which they are doing -

As companies buy up the roads of the US to turn them into toll roads, and the infrastructure and resources of nations are sold off to the corporate ‘owners’ of the world… The first world now follows the third down the IMF debt plagued road to complete economic ruin.

Financial crime has been decrimininalized and has taken over the world – now we just watch and wait for the rest of the nations to fall…


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