Mortgage Ads: A Walk Down Memory Lane

26 Apr

Just as a way of saying we have memory, we want to bring everyone back to the place this all started – Greenspan, the Fed and the massive interest rate reduction that led to the masseive leveraging of household equity for debt over the years 2000 to 2007/8 or so – although it slowed before that and the markets simply took a few minutes to catch up in their over leveraged Credit Default Swapped, Bonded, Rated and Paid for conditions, so that the ads actually run right up into 2007 – fairly nicely… and have now only changed tone – there is always an ad for mortgage sales -

And, since it seems everyone has short memories in this credit bubble/ housing leveraging/ over inflated and under capitalized world of modern markets – as if we landed here by some mysterious and ellusory ‘accident’ – and we say – not so.

Seems everyone has forgotten the days that got us here.

So we thought it might make some sense to remember and take a walk through what it really looked like.

Here you go.

Take ‘em one at a time…

We’ll start with Re-Finance.  And all we can say here is – Did she or did she not say that she had BEEN in serious debt???   So, now that she has refinanced with three great offers – is she or is she not now in even GREATER debt?!?  Anyone who can explain this to me to be other than the case, I”m all ears. Oh, and do you notice how no one in this ad mentions the loss of the non-recourse power of a purchase loan that is lost in a refinance – which makes her liable for deficiency judgment when she defaults on this loan…

So now you’ve met them, how about meeting this couple… who won’t be judged – if you won’t judge – Did we get that right? Can you check for us? – Cuz that is sure as hell what it was sounding like here – like – hey man, you’re cool – we won’t, you know; JUDGE.

Or, hey – this one is really almost too freaky – the first of two rather freaky ads from Ameriquest – and if you know Ameriquest you know what we are talking about…

Didn’t that leave you thinking seriously about what they were saying they were going to do to you? Is that supposed to be subliminal???

It gets better, though…

But don’t take our word for it – check it out for yourself…
oh, see? “embedding disabled by request’ – well, you have to go to the link ont his one:

The Second Aeriquest Video

Just so you understand that this is not the exception…

Here’s the link to the first version of this page… A Look Back At How We Got Here: Bank Ads These are the cream of the crop pure mainstream America Use Up Your Equity Directives from the Banking Industry - if you don’t start singing “I’m so Excited” when you get a Refinance approval you are about to use to go on a vacation… well, then there is something wrong with you, we dare say!!

And if you don’t get THAT message, there are plenty more where it came from… We’ve only scratched the surface here – our favorite is still the family with the new truck and the new roof and the paid off credit cards now paying a lower payment for all of this – and no mention of the interest only neg am 125% LTV etc etc etc… But we haven’t found that one on YouTube yet –


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