Nathan Martin on Technical Trading, Fat Fingers and Concentrated Money Powers

28 May

If you don’t think you understand or know much about markets, this might be some good introductory material, if you think you do, it has more to offer…

Here is a great radeio interview with Nathan Martin from his blog that gives you a chance to get a little education on technicals, fundamentals and psychology – as a basis for understanding markets… And then moves on to “Fa
t Fingers” and what happens when the power to control money is relegated to the few.

Consider that we have inflation in food, and necessities simultaneous to deflation in the housing, credit and banking markets… The inflation bubble was in everything, as Nathan poins out and money and debt got out of control – but it still requires income to pay it back and that income is simply not there – in Europe, in the U.S., Japan, and all the other debt money operating countries.

The diminishing cycle of debt occurs when debt saturation has occurred. Incomes never rose in comparison to the inflation, bubble, and the debt which underlies it all. Debt in a parabolic increase, income is on a slow incline, always leads to an economic collapse of the math.

That is because even before the debt level reaches 100% of the income, any new money only goes to pay the debt. When you add debt to that formula, it is counter productive beyond the extreme.

Nathan Martin Interview – KAAY, Little Rock…

from Nathan’s Economic Edge by (Nathan A. Martin)

Interview with host Alex Wittenburg at KAAY 1090am

* Intro and Outro provided by Jason Paige at Celebrity Radio DJs


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