On The Edge with Max Keiser Episode 59 – 19 June 2010, Guest: Loren Howe on Slavery and Modern America

21 Jun

In this three part series Max interviews Loren Howe as they examine a new form of slavery sweeping the globe wherein banks have access to zero interest funds and everyone else has to stand in line to become their debtors: including governments…

Loren Howe, author of The Real Story of Money, Health and Relition

On Slave Societies and Modern America:

Loss of the real means of production (political coallesced at higher levels removes local control by people)

Tax Systems – U.S. taxes currently higher than at the peak of the Roman Empire

Fiat Currency – Banks create money for themselves at zero percent interest and lend it out to the rest of us. Banks always have control under this system.

This ties directly into control of production as the money that runs the production is controlling all production.

The revolving door between Wall Street and the Federal Government and Federal Reserve.

90% of Americans against bank bailouts, but it didn’t change the fact that Congress funded the bailout.

Centralized command and control of money powers, political powers and ultimately, the power of production.

Fiat money pushes the power back up to the central power systems: central banks, federal, national  and international government systems.

Systematic abuse that conditions people to accept the treatment that leads to ultimate tyranny.

Part One:

Part Two:

Part Three:



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