On The Front Lines of Foreclosure: April Charney Interview on Mandelman

29 Nov

If you’ve been paying any attention at all in the last half decade or so, you know there is a ‘housing crisis’.  If you have more than half a brain worth of awareness you know this is a ‘banking crisis’ and not a ‘housing crisis’ and if you are at all alive, you know, either by direct experience or awareness of someone you know, that it is not a friendly war.

it may be bloodless up until now, but it is heartless and punitive and it is not backing down any time soon as far as we can tell.

In this extraordinary interview, Ms Charney reveals how, when she began in the training of legal defense against foreclosures it was on issues of ‘servicing practices’; yet today it is so bad that she admits that nothing even close to ‘servicing practices’ can come up; as it is impossible to simply attain STANDING to be heard on your [justified] pleading.  Or, as she says, “The court is delegating its authority in a way that constitutes an abuse of discretion it’s arbitrary and capricious.”

After all, standing is the first order of business.  In other words, if the judge denies your standing, there is no case to pursue, now, is there?

We cannot force you to hit the link and listen. But if we could cajole you, we would.

April Charney Interview Exposes Truth About ‘Housing Crisis’: It’s a ‘Banking Crisis’ not a ‘Housing’ or ‘Mortgage’ Crisis.


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