On the Trail of Ron Paul

08 Aug

It all began a long time ago, this love affair (intellectually speaking) I have with Ron Paul of Texas… He just gets it. What can I say? and now to hear that his son gets it too… icing on the cake. Not to mention the clarity with which they both speak; overcoming even the patronizing opacity of the media interviewer…

In comparison, watching Nancy Pelosi talk about “The Secrets of the Temple” and act as if we were all right on page with her all these years – was a bit of a comeuppance for me – Someone who has studied the myths and truths of the history of this nation… Well, to see her act as if this was now ‘status quo’ -

The people like me who have done the research and read the books – Creature [from Jekyll Island], Secrets, Money – to look up and see Ms Pelosi acting as if the deceptive monetary practices of the past one hundred years have instantaneously become simply “common knowledge” was a bit of a shock, to put it mildly.

You know, suddenly the “Our money supply is controlled by a powerful secret cabal that is not secret, that we actually all know about, thank you very much… – and we all agree…”

The last 20 years or more that Ron Paul has been the lone wolf in this arena of honestly addressing the American monetary system dissolves like so much ice on a hot day…

And Nancy, well she’s been advertising on the street corners that the Fed is a private ‘non governmental non quasi governmental organization’ all along – had been on the same page for eons. Hint: if everyone knows this wouldn’t some change have taken place by now?

No – today what has been fringe … went mainstream…

was never not, er, “in”

Tell me that’s not just beyond weird.

So to see my old heros coming back and coming on in a new generation.. well that was a sweet breath of ocean and jasmine breeze. thanks guys.

And then they went and did this!


Go Team!

Uh HUH! :D


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