Paul Jay: The Super Committee and the Attack on Labor – On To Orwell’s Guide to the News

02 Dec

While the super committee fails to act and joins the President in playing out their clearly long term agenda of imposing the new two tier contract system of massive wage reductions across the country (it’s already happening, in case you missed it) then we had all berst be well prepared for the massive decline in our already very shaky financial reality all across America.

In this interview, Mr. Jay does an excellent job of clarifying the multiple layers of the explanation provided by Mr. Hudson as to what is really going on in our national economy and what we can expect to happen next.  None of it looks good – but none of it is absolute or even required if we are to understand and tke the steps which protect the rights of the working man and stop kowtowing to the monied elite banking cartels now stepping out in unified strength to control all sectors of the markets all over the world.

It will be interesting to see how far they can take this path of destruction of the middle and working class of America before more than just a few OWS protestors catch on to the game that is afoot and determine they must do something about it.  Unfortunately, as Mr. Hudson has said for some time, the biggest problem is a lack of education and understanding as to what is possible and not simply more media spin on what is being done to the people around the world – the media spin will continue to tell us all that there ‘is no choice’ – but that is like saying there is no choice but to throw the baby out with the bath water, and there is always a choice.  The question is, what is the real objective? And, of course, who will it serve? But then, we all know the answers to these questions by now, or at least we should…

But, just in case you were not sure what the real answers are, it might be helpful to take a look at this item from Adrian Salbuchi for RT: George Orwell’s guide to the news



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