Ratings, Gold and Fiat Currency: “Political Theater of the Oligarchs”

20 Jul

Max and Stacy cover the collapsing US economy- from ratings to zero interest rates, rising food and energy prices (which are, conveniently not included in the CPI) – as gold and silver continue to rise…
Meantime: CNBC “Shoplifting – Is it good for the economy?”
Proves the willingness to take risk!

The insanity Continues.

Government reclassification of inflation, taxes and jobs is the coin clipping of themodern economic era -

How true it all is – as copper thieves create thousands of dollars in losses by destroying domestic air conditioning units for a few hundred dollars in profit – too bad the FED doesn’t close the FED window as towns are closing the copper recycling cash loophole -

In the end – if the rich will just get richer, it will all be okay – (so long as we ignore the cost of having 90% of our population in prison!)

In the end, as Stacy points out – the poor will have inflation and the rich will gain – until the fiat currencies actually collapse and then the rich, too, will be broke…

In the second half you get a closer look at BitCoin with BitCoin consultant Amir Taaki – taking you step by step in understanding the first decentralized online currency.

If you haven’t undetstood what BitCoin is, or even THAT it is – this is your second half show – a great educational opportunity.



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