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If you are a homeowner in distress read this next section!

Start with George Mantor’s piece on how you interact with your servicer to avoid predatory servicing practices.

Once you have read that, then you want to learn some more, so continue with Mandelman’s piece on your Right to Private Action in CA.

Next, you can go directly to the underlying truth of the law, to be found in the application of the Uniform Commercial Code Section 3; under California’s Commercial Codes as section 3301. There, you will discover that indeed, even a crappy 150 page lender mortgage and note contract has to abide by the laws of commerce, or fair trade and dealings. And remember, all 50 states have their own internally adapted UCC Code just as California. Whether they are Modified State Codes or Commercial Codes, they all work the same. In this case you are looking for CHAPTER 3. ENFORCEMENT OF INSTRUMENTS. If you search for the title of the code in your state, you’ll find it.

Well, now we’ve strayed too far afield from our simple introduction, but it is a beginning…

If you are really truly in distress and crisis, you may have waited too long to face your problem and, like so many before you, it may be too late.  We hope otherwise, of course, and encourage you to strike while the iron is hot and take action. Every day there are more breakthroughs and wins for the people; it just takes time. And some of you will not have enough of that. We know.

We have been in these trenches now for nigh on five years – and we’ve seen far too many of you lose your homes. And we know, that from a ‘realistic’ perspective, to date that is by far the winning odds favorite. But if you are early enough and still have some resources to effect change, then you will definitely want to read these sites in our blogroll:

Foreclosure Defense Nationwide

Mandelman Matters

Cynthia Kouril Firedoglake Foreclosure Fraud Resources

The most imperative thing, no matter how deep the trouble you think you are in, is to get yourself educated and take action on your own behalf. Because the one thing no one is willing to tell you, but that you must know, is that no one is going to look out for your own interests but you.

Don’t be angry about that. It’s actually quite normal. If you think about it, you’re pretty much the same way, most likely.

You wouldn’t knowingly step into another person’s hornet’s nest, for no good reason, would you?

On the other hand, there are ways to solutions, and not everyone out here is ‘out to get you’ – both extremes are extremes.

Just as no one is going to step up and be your savior, not everyone out here is trying to take advantage of you… there is a truer, more realistic, less black and white view of the world that is possible and real, and can help you find your own way.

Knowing that, and trusting that you can get value here, we welcome you, and hope you find what is useful and relevant to you.

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  1. T. Lee

    November 22, 2010 at 11:00 am

    Walkawayok was developed because we felt that the average American was not getting the real scoop about the foreclosure crisis and the financial tools available to save their families future. We saw families being intimidated by the media as if they had some sort of moral obligation in addition to the mortgage contract they signed. Also frustrating was watching corporations and wealthy individuals use the laws in ways that the average American is not even aware were legal.

    We feel your site exhibits the same general feeling and we would like to creat a reciprocal link with you so all avenues of options are represented.
    Thanks for your consideration.