Rennaisance 2.0 The Economic Lessons You Never Learned in School

15 Apr

These lessons in economics were produced by Damon Vrabel and are a powerful set of teachings which have been introduced to by Nathan Martin, of Nathan’s Economic Edge. The aim of is to bring to light the real issues of debt backed money and how they are presently controlling the lives and livelihoods of all people around the world and in the United States.

While Nathan’s Economic Edge may be more indepth than many who are not financial speicalists, investors or market analysts can or would choose to follow, these videos and the movement being born at are clear, not too complex and very rewarding for anyone who is looking to find solutions to the current financial crisis instead of just more war stories or evidence of people to blame.

We recommend you take them a little bit at a time – perhaps don’t try to watch all the videos at once, but start and keep going, and in the end you will have a better grasp of modern economic reality than most of the people on the planet. That’s worth something, isn’t it? We think so. Next we have to get more of us to be that well informed…

Lesson One:

Lesson Two:

Lesson Three:

Lesson Four:

Part One

Lesson Four:

Part Two

Lesson Four:

Part Three

Lesson Four:

Part Four


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