So Let Me Get This Right: Lehman & Geithner & Fraud Oh My!

12 Mar

How much more evidence does it take to get any ACTION around here?

It is not getting better. It is getting worse. The facts are falling out onto the streets and no one is doing a single thing about them.  (Other than ignoring them and adding more piles of dung to the propaganda machinery of the major media outlets, bla bla bla).  At what point do we finally say enough is enough?  Is there anyone left out in our public sector/goverment willing to DO anything???  It appears the answer is no. Pretty amazing. Pretty sad. Pretty much makes it plain that the corruption is so deep and wide spread that we are Done. D – O – N – E. Stick a fork in us.

NY Fed Implicated in the Accounting Fraud at Lehman

Quite a bombshell from Yves Smith of Naked Capitalism tonight.

I wonder if the US mainstream media will ignore and dismiss it as they did the exclusion of the Wall Street banks from European debt sales in response to their fraudulent CDO sales. Is there a ‘reverse gear’ on the Voice of America?

In response, let’s see if Chris Dodd puts the Consumer Protection section of the financial reform legislation under the control of a private organization,the Fed, which is owned by the institutions it is supposed to be regulating, and which is now implicated in the failure and fraud that helped to trigger the recent financial crisis.

The senior Republicans on the committee have insisted that it be. Originally Senator Dodd seemed to be going along with that in the spirit of bipartisan support for the monied interests and the financial lobbyists. That would be the perfect Orwellian twist to an increasingly surreal decline in the observance of the Constitution and the rule of law.

And then of course there is Turbo Tim, knee deep again in messy conflicts of interest and crony capitalism. The “CEO defense” claiming attention deficit disorder and blissful aloofness is in fashion among highly paid US executives. Considering Mr. Geithner’s record, even in the execution of his own tax returns, the incompetence defense might be plausible. But it then calls into question the judgement of the person who subsequently appointed Tim to be the head of the most powerful financial organization on earth, the US Treasury.

Call the New Yorker. Time for another media PR blitz, but this one is for the Chief.

Naked Capitalism
NY Fed Under Geithner Implicated in Lehman Accounting Fraud

Quite a few observers, including this blogger, have been stunned and frustrated at the refusal to investigate what was almost certain accounting fraud at Lehman. Despite the bankruptcy administrator’s effort to blame the gaping hole in Lehman’s balance sheet on its disorderly collapse, the idea that the firm, which was by its own accounts solvent, would suddenly spring a roughly $130+ billion hole in its $660 balance sheet, is simply implausible on its face. Indeed, it was such common knowledge in the Lehman flailing about period that Lehman’s accounts were such that Hank Paulson’s recent book mentions repeatedly that Lehman’s valuations were phony as if it were no big deal.

Well, it is folks, as a newly-released examiner’s report by Anton Valukas in connection with the Lehman bankruptcy makes clear. The unraveling isn’t merely implicating Fuld and his recent succession of CFOs, or its accounting firm, Ernst & Young, as might be expected. It also emerges that the NY Fed, and thus Timothy Geithner, were at a minimum massively derelict in the performance of their duties, and may well be culpable in aiding and abetting Lehman in accounting fraud and Sarbox violations.

We need to demand an immediate release of the e-mails, phone records, and meeting notes from the NY Fed and key Lehman principals regarding the NY Fed’s review of Lehman’s solvency. If, as things appear now, Lehman was allowed by the Fed’s inaction to remain in business, when the Fed should have insisted on a wind-down (and the failed Barclay’s said this was not infeasible: even an orderly bankruptcy would have been preferable, as Harvey Miller, who handled the Lehman BK filing has made clear; a good bank/bad bank structure, with a Fed backstop of the bad bank, would have been an option if the Fed’s justification for inaction was systemic risk), the NY Fed at a minimum helped perpetuate a fraud on investors and counter parties.

This pattern further suggests the Fed, which by its charter is tasked to promote the safety and soundness of the banking system, instead, via its collusion with Lehman management, operated to protect particular actors to the detriment of the public at large.

And most important, it says that the NY Fed, and likely Geithner himself, undermined, perhaps even violated, laws designed to protect investors and markets. If so, he is not fit to be Treasury secretary or hold any office related to financial supervision and should resign immediately…

Read the rest of the story here.

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