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It’s Official: CNBC is Insane and America Seems to be Joining Them: Bulldoze the Foreclosed Houses

28 Apr

We have to tell you that we are not optimistic about the state of US brain power. CNBC Video and Headline – even came with a public poll… The zerohedge piece is posted from – but the comments at zh are much more entertaining. Our favorite so far is – “There’s this new invention, [...] Bryan Bly Deposition

08 Nov

The next round of depositions from the Robo Signers at Nationwide Title Clearing… So this guy is a “signing IC” the “IC” stands for ‘In Charge” – so that means he ‘guides the documents’ through the process of all these fraudulent signatures being put in place for all these foreclosures, assignments, and satisfactions… Bryan Bly [...] Breaks Another Winning Story: Orange County Judge Hands Over House to Borrower Plus Damages

22 Sep

From affidavit fraud to foreclosure fraud and no shows at the court; the banks are wracking up the loasses this month.  Here’s another one… Nice to see a little sea change coming our way. KABOOM – PAUL NGUYEN v. CHASE BANK – Deed of Trust Voided, Promissory Note Rescinded, Absolute Victory Posted by Foreclosure Fraud on [...] Whistleblower on Bogus Mortgage Assignment Documents Says “The Whole Country is BOGUS”

25 Jun

The site, first broke this story in February of 2010 – and we posted some articles and sample pictures of the ‘bogus assignee’ documents filed in Florida records at that time. As the story has now expanded to the point that the Florida attorney general has actually posted notices on its web site about [...]