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Dylan Ratigan Interviews Two of Our Favorites: David DeGraw and Bill Black

19 Oct

This week brought us a great interview between Dylan Ratigan, David DeGraw and Bill Black.  Happy watching.    


My Budget 360: Market Volatility Marking The Coming of teh Gilded Age With No Real Market Reform

17 Aug

ONce again, delivers the goods on the true state of the economy.  For those who are living in the delusion of a ‘jobless recovery’ or ‘weak recovery’ this piece will help you see the real picture. The rise of the new gilded age – Massive market volatility is a dramatic sign of an unhealthy [...]


Jesse’s Cafe: What the Mainstream Media Ignores – America Needs to Know…

13 Apr

These two pieces come from Jesse’s Cafe and highlight just what we have been seeing these last few months. The hubbub dies down, the noise returns, the truth gets buried again. Joe Stiglitz has his say, and that’s at least a good thing, but notice where the piece has been carried.. no mainstream media here… [...]


Chris Whalen: Should Hank Paulson Be in Jail? – Washington’s Blog Reports

20 Dec

Should Hank Paulson Be In Jail? from Washington’s Blog by George Washington 2 people liked this Leading bank analyst Chris Whalen has raised the question of whether criminal charges should be brought against former Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson. Any discussion of whether Paulson committed unlawful actions as Treasury Secretary needs to start with Tarp. As [...]


Paul Farrell of MarketWatch Gets it Right: Obama, US Govt Hostages of Wall Street Risk Takers; Get Ready for Depression 2.0

15 Dec

It’s nothing new; but it’s nice to see someone get it right in print for a change. And at MarketWatch, no less.  The Stockholm syndrome has been alive and well in the US for the last several presidencies at least; here it is laid out so it is easily visible in case you are still [...]


Volatility Blog: Note on the Banksters

05 Nov

Is anybody paying attention? Yes, Russ is paying attention: Volatility Blog Brings us: Note on the Banksters, the Land Dispensation, and the Rule of Law Russ @ 7:02 am . . It’s been a long, long time since the banks were used to dealing with the law, as opposed to “the law”, their own rigged law. [...]


Geithner’s Fantasy TARP Story: Guest Post from NakedCapitalism

15 Oct

This is more of the must read material we have come to depend on nakedcapitalism for. If only there was a way to force the main stream media to tell the truth – oh and wouldn’t it be lovely if we could get the Secretary of the Treasury to tell the truth EVER.  But then, [...]


Extreme Concentration = Banking Risk. US Top 5 Banks Hold $7.8 Trillion of Banking Assets; Banking Derivatives Exposure $228Trillion across 77 Banks

14 Oct

That’s 6 out of every 10 dollars held by top five banks… MyBudget360 brings home the reality of SERIOUS CONCENTRATION RISK: The hidden gigantic risk of derivatives – Top 77 U.S. banks have their hand in $225 trillion in derivatives. The top 5 banks hold $7.8 trillion of all banking assets growing their asset base [...]


Zero Hedge Weighs in on H.R. 3808 – Tarp 2 for the Banks?

07 Oct

We note in the comments section that a record of individual votes by law makers was not kept. Hmmm. We also note that there is, even here, a standard assumption that those who are facing foreclosure are deadbeat homeowners who should never have owned/bought a home – but this forgets the statistics on massive job [...]


Washington’s Blog: IMF Calls for Huge New Round of Bank Bailouts

06 Oct

Here comes the next bailout… IMF Calls for Huge New Round of Bank Bailouts from Washington’s Blog by George Washington 1 person liked this The IMF is calling for a huge new round of bank bailouts. As the Telegraph noted yesterday: Lenders across Europe and the US are facing a $4 trillion refinancing hurdle in [...]