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Understanding the State and Local Budget Crisis in the Age of Legalized, Criminogenic Financial Corruption

23 Aug

Welcome to the new world of legalized financial corruption. Coming to a State, city, county and/or town near you soon.  We have entered the age of financial criminogentic society. Criminogenic: Producing or tending to produce crime or criminality:   Michael Hudson gives a succinct, extremely detailed and clear account of what is really going on in […]


Mybudget360: A Banking System Built on Lies and Deception

22 Aug

A banking system built on lies and deception – Hiding commercial real estate losses by laundering bad loans through the Federal Reserve. Trillions of dollars in bailouts were made while banks told the public all was well. Part of the massive challenges facing our brittle financial system is the opaque and secretive nature of the […]


Introducing Catherine Austin Fitts: Getting a Hold of The Larger Parasitic Financial Corporate Banking Pictures

04 Dec

Those who know us know we’ve spoken of her for some time and often recommend her atricles and insights. Now, we have finally had time to put up some of her work here for your review. We suggest you take ti one video at a time – there are four and that you stretch yourself […]


Ellen Brown on Max Keiser: MERS to REMICS to Robo-Signers

03 Nov

Ellen Brown is one of the most cogent thinkers and speakers in this financial crisis. We were thrilled to find this October 19th 2010 Max Keiser Report with special guest Ellen Brown. Pay close attention to Ms. Brown’s explanation of how the banks manipulated the housing bubble to rake in trillions ‘off the top’ in […]


Foreclosure Fraud Hitting the Main Stream Media at Long Last

02 Oct

Washington’s Blog brings us up to date on what is going on in the foreclosure fraud and what coverage it is getting nationwide – not enough. Not enough and we are seeing more and more homeowners getting kicked out of their homes unlawfully. We recommend reading this article and all the links contained in it […]


Yves Smith Opens the Can O’ Worms, Asking Why We Continue to Indulge in the Fiction of Private Banks?

15 Sep

Whew, this one is a real brain workout but absolutely worth the read. The whole question of ‘legitimate debate’ and what constitutes acceptable within the eyes of the media and journalism is precisely the underlying issue in this entire economic meltdown. Why Do We Keep Indulging the Fiction That Banks Are Private Enterprises? from naked […]


JPMorgan on Sovereign Defaults: Not If – When; Jesse’s Take

25 Aug

This piece is interesting because the underlying story is that JP Morgan is telling us the reality is – even in terms of government defaults is predicted by the JP Morgan darling heads of the financial kingdom… is anyone noticing the private banking institutions are telling us what the story is? No, not the ‘political […]


This July 2008 Video Outlines Current Financial/Housing Crisis in Easy to Understand Terms

28 Jun

This original video by Karl Denninger from back in July 2008 makes the whole housing market and mortgage meltdown collapse very clear and very directly understandable. What’s interesting about it from today’s perspective is that virtually nothing has changed since the video came out: the new financial reform bill addresses none of the key issues […]


Washington’s Blog on the Faux Financial Reform Bill

01 Jun

More important words about the financial non reform bill – that didn’t do anything. and would not have prevented the current crisis – and will not prevent the next one. Senate Passes Faux Financial “Reform” Bill from Washington’s Blog by George Washington The Senate passed a financial “reform” bill today by a 59-39 vote which […]


Alternet’s Nomi Prins: Speculative Banks Still Rule

19 Apr

Speculating Banks Still Rule — Ten Ways Dems and Dodd Are Failing on Financial Reform By Nomi Prins None of this is reform. We are better off with nada than vapid promises and a false sense of security. April 14, 2010 | As we wind up for another dramatic bipartisan squabble over all the crap […]