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Romney, Obama: Owned by the Corporations. Golman Sachs, Raytheon and the Great Corporate Take-Over of America

24 May

Just in case you were actually thinking of voting in this 2012 election… Our position is: why waste your time? Your vote will be useless and accomplish nothing. If you do not believe us, just study the facts, starting with this video… The number one contributor to both Romney and Obama is Goldman Sachs. That [...]

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Following the Money: Regis Sauger on The Mortgage Securitization Path, Real Property Title and Fraudulent Foreclosures

27 Dec

This video may seem less than excellently produced – may seem ‘small timey’ or even amateurish; but for those who can track and follow the information in it, it provides some of the most important keys to understanding how the mortgage fraud and now foreclosure frauds, all took place – and all the details and [...]


Best Short History of the United States Ever

18 Nov

We came across this excellent short history of the United States over at in the comments section.   Thu, 11/17/2011 – 23:31 | Here is a brief history of America: >>>>>>>>>> Originally, 20 year charters for corporations (had to be renewed) 1782 Bank of North America – Founder imprisoned for fraud and other abuses [...]


Dylan Ratigan Interviews Two of Our Favorites: David DeGraw and Bill Black

19 Oct

This week brought us a great interview between Dylan Ratigan, David DeGraw and Bill Black.  Happy watching.    


Yves Smith: Banks returning to the Faucet – Credit Card Junkies

13 Dec

Banks Desperate for Profits Seek Out Risky Credit Card Customers by Yves Smith Banks, having trashed their once-sound model for the credit card business, are back trolling to find credit junkies, albeit of a somewhat safer type than the ones that blew up on them in the credit crisis. Back in the 1980, the credit card [...]


Oh, Wait – It’s not the Foreclosure Rescue Folks who are the Scammers – It’s the Foreclosing Parties??! No *#&$* – You’re Kidding – RIght?

06 Dec

Well all we can say it is about time someone started telling this side of the story… All this ‘foreclosure help being a scam’ has been all over the place making everyone nervous – but now the real truth is coming out. Turns out it is the foreclosing parties who do not have attorneys, or [...]


Charades: The Foreclosure Task Force Nothing to See Here…

25 Nov

Foreclosure Task Force: Worse Than Stress Tests? from naked capitalism by Yves Smith Felix Salmon reports on a conversation with departing assistant Treasury Secretary Michael Barr on newly-commenced reviews of the practices of bank servicers. Barr’s patter might sound convincing to the uninformed. An “11-agency, 8-week review of servicer practices, with hundreds of investigators crawling [...]


Ellen Brown: Could ForeclosureGate Force Bank Nationalization?

08 Nov

Once again Ellen Brown does a very good job of explaining where we really are and what is really going on… And points out once again that PUBLIC banks – banks which are NOT owned and controlled by private wealthy cartel families who grow more and more wealthy as the homeowners, borrowers and the 99% [...]


More from Joseph Stiglitz – from Common Dreams: Foreclosures and the Banks’ Debt to Socieity

07 Nov

Foreclosures and Banks’ Debt to Society Rewritten bankruptcy provisions reduce indebted homeowners to servitude. What has become of the rule of law in the US? by Joseph E. Stiglitz The mortgage debacle in the United States has raised deep questions about “the rule of law”, the universally accepted hallmark of an advanced, civilized society. The [...]


So Everyone Agrees the Problem is Uncertainty as to Whether Balance Sheets are Credible

07 Nov

The basic problem for the markets is uncertainty as to whether the balance sheets of financial firms are credible. Even Greenspan Admits that Moral Hazard and Fraud are the Main Problems from Washington’s Blog by George Washington Even Alan Greenspan is confirming what William Black, James Galbraith, Joseph Stiglitz, George Akerlof and many other economists [...]