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Dylan Ratigan Interviews Two of Our Favorites: David DeGraw and Bill Black

19 Oct

This week brought us a great interview between Dylan Ratigan, David DeGraw and Bill Black.  Happy watching.    


Keiser Report: Great Britain’s Unrest; Don’t Bash Banks, Jail Children… And That’s Only Part One – Then we Go to Bill Black – Oh Yeah!!

16 Aug

Max and Stacy take us back to 2009 when The Economist reported that they expected “Social Unrest due not only to increasing proverty, but exagerated income equalities and lack of social support.” Yet somehow today everyone is pretending they never saw this coming… and that you cannot understand this – it’s sheer mindless evil – […]


Washington’s Blog: Inside Scoop on the FCIC Report

28 Jan

Inside Scoop on the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission from Washington’s Blog by George Washington 2 people liked this Nobel prize winning economists George Akerloff and Joseph Stiglitz, former Fed chairman Alan Greenspan, leading economists such as Robert Shiller, Anna Schwartz, James Galbraith, former lead S & L regulator William K. Black, former Tarp overseer Elizabeth […]


Greg Hunter on Max Keiser: Questionaable Title in All US Homes’ Titles?

05 Dec

Our favorite lunatic, Max Keiser, gest serious and down to the brass tacks of the foreclosuregate and mortgage fraud crisis with Greg Hunter – investigative reporter from North Carolina. Don’t miss a word of this one! Hmmm.  These sound very familiar. These statements are so familiar in fact that we have to say if you […]


Bill Black and Randall Wray More Coverage on the Call for B of A to Open Their Books

10 Nov

More coverage of Bill Black and Randall Wray’s call for Bank of America to open its books… Bill Black And L. Randall Wray Demand Bank Of America Finally Open It Books Submitted by Tyler Durden on 11/07/2010 13:24 -0500 William Black ratchets his campaign for putting an allegely insolvent Bank of America into conservatorship by […]


William Black and Lisa Epstein on Dylan Ratigan: Stop the Fraud, Stop the Foreclosures

25 Oct

It is really quite refreshing to have some real news coverage on the main stream media – we have no idea, really, how or why it is happening, but we welcome it. The ho hum news about Bank of  America and the errors they are finding (they say 4% error rate – we say no […]


The Original William Black Control Fraud Video Resurfaces

20 Oct

We were interested to note that a piece we posted originally in our work many months ago is now resurfacing all over the place online.  So we figured, why not us too? We also highly recommend the Bill Moyers interview with Bill Black – which you can find here. In this compelling and full length […]


Black is Back: When all Else Fails, Find the Foreclosure Facts

19 Oct

As anyone who has been reading us any length of time knows, we are big fans of Bill Black. (well you notice, don’t you that his video series is STILL the centerpiece of our homepage, right? There IS a reason for that!) He’s been bringing us the real story and the underlying facts to that […]


Washington’s Blog: Understanding Financial Fraud and Crisis What Really Happened Here? Oh … THIS.

15 Oct

We have loved Washington’s Blog for a LONG time.  It’s just so THOROUGH. This article is so worth everyone’s time. Understand it. When you do, it makes it all make sense. And it makes what is going on now as banks rush to say they can ‘fix’ the problem of ‘faulty’ paper much more transparent.  […]


Janet Tavekoli Responds to Mish’s Post on Amazing Arrogance of Munger

23 Sep

It’s hard to say just how we feel about Janet Tavekoli without sounding gushy. We really love her. We think she is the ‘cat’s meow’ as they say – a real analysts’ analyst and a true blue honest and straight from the bulls eye writer, commenter and speaker. Here she lays it out as she […]