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Max and Stacy: Dollar Days Hit Global Central Banks & True Monetary Education and Reform with Bill Still – Should be Required Viewing for ALL People of the World. Take Back the Money Power

20 Sep

Social Unrest. Wild Dollar Printing- by European Central Banks, Japanese Banks, Swiss Banks – Whoo Hoo – For everyone but the Tax Payers. – Part One. Bill Still gives perhaps one of the BEST educational pieces we’ve ever seen on the current monetary system, what is wrong with it, and what we absolutely need to […]


Putting a Finger on The “What’s Gone Wrong” Factor

03 Mar

Tonight I am awash in information, observation, opinion, and close to overwhelm. But let’s take it one step at a time. I finally got up the courage to watch Food Inc. Was alternately devastating and encouraging. I had no idea I’d see POLYFACE FARM on there. I’ve been a fan for a bit now. And […]

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