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Mainstream Media Reporting: Giving Credence Where None is Due

08 Jun

Gotta love the way the mainstream media keeps telling us what they think they can get away with… Bloomberg’s stellar example of how to report the news in the wake of the most damning bipartisan investigation in decades makes it all too clear how the people are supposed to be thinking: Goldman Sachs Too Big [...]


David Stern Law Firm Collapse Leaves Thousands of Foreclosure Cases in Limbo

08 Mar

We only wonder how it is that they have managed to stay afloat at all for this long – and hope the courts take appropriate action in those cases where no new lawyer has been retained by the lender for many months… “As many as 20,000 foreclosure cases in the Tampa Bay area have been [...]


Alternet’s Nomi Prins: Speculative Banks Still Rule

19 Apr

Speculating Banks Still Rule — Ten Ways Dems and Dodd Are Failing on Financial Reform By Nomi Prins None of this is reform. We are better off with nada than vapid promises and a false sense of security. April 14, 2010 | As we wind up for another dramatic bipartisan squabble over all the crap [...]


Magnetar: This American Life Tells the Story of “The Insider”

19 Apr

This link will take you to the Public Radio show This American Life, where they tell the story of Magnetar Story of how a new hedge fund created to strip the money out of the American Middle Class. Ira Glass tells the story of Magnetar and the Massive Financial Crisis it Produced.

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Matt Taibbi Breaks the Jefferson County Story: Welcome to the New Third World America & The Collapse of Municipalities Begins!

08 Apr

For those readers who have not yet cottoned on to the idea that we are already in the new third world country of the United States, this article will make it all too clear: and for those who have not yet grasped how the CDOs and “CHURN” work to swallow up the resources and assets [...]


Fronline, Reich, Jesse’s Cafe: Greenspan, Rubin, Summers & the Dismantling of The US Economy: No Reform in Sight

05 Apr

04 April 2010 Reich Levels Broadside at Greenspan, Rubin, and Summers, and Phony Financial Reform In 1999 I started wondering what Robert Rubin might have said to Alan Greenspan in a private meeting in 1997 to cause him to reverse his policy bias shortly after his famous “irrational exuberance” speech and embrace the monetary easing [...]


Dylan Ratigan, Eliot Spitzer on the Lehman Report

14 Mar

A good discussion of what’s in the report and what comes next from Ratigan and Spitzer.


Max Keiser, Karl Denninger and Stacy Herbert – “Happy Conspiracy Insiders”, Gold, IMF, Soros & More!

23 Feb

While Max rattles off some of the best material (and exactly right financial observations) that will have you gasping for breath and rolling on the floor while you say to yourself “holy sh*t, he really knows his stuff – even if he does like to play the clown” – and Stacy just rolls through the [...]

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