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Max and Stacy Take Apart the Mortgage Settlement: Only 5B Comes from Banks – the Rest is From Fannie and Freddie!

14 Feb

Hey! Check it Out! We, the taxpayers are the ones who are ACTUALLY the Ones PAYING THE SETTLEMENT TAB!!  (Well, of COURSE!- This is America, right?)   Once Max and Stacy take the Settlement deal apart, Howard Kunstler comes on to hypothesize over why the American public keeps putting up with this foo-ey. Cognitive dissonance? […]


Janet Tavakoli Hits the Nail on the Head: Third World America: Drowning In Debt And Choking On Lies

24 Jun

Janet Tavakoli has long been one of our favorite writers on the subject of this ongoing control fraud spawned financial crisis in America and this piece is no exception. Sadly, her observation of the strange silence across America in the face of this criminally contrived debacle is also still true… Perhaps if more Americans understood […]


The Bankster and the Deadbeat Homeowner Debate

08 Feb

This great little cartoon was created on January 31st over at – all we can say is, once everyone understands the underlying truth of the debt based system of credit and money they won’t be agreeing with anyone about ‘free houses’ either – they’ll be wondering how it is the banks got to get […]


Fraud Caused the Crash of 1929 and The Great Depression & It Caused the Economic Crisis We Are in Today

31 Oct

Washington’s Blog covers the fraud which has brought us here, yet again… In the present crisis, as Mr. Black points out, “The decisive role that “accounting control frauds” played in driving the current crisis is clear.” Fraud Caused the 1930s Depression and the Current Financial Crisis from Washington’s Blog by George Washington Robert Shiller – […]


The Original William Black Control Fraud Video Resurfaces

20 Oct

We were interested to note that a piece we posted originally in our work many months ago is now resurfacing all over the place online.  So we figured, why not us too? We also highly recommend the Bill Moyers interview with Bill Black – which you can find here. In this compelling and full length […]


Grayson on Foreclosure Fraud Being Rampant in Florida

30 Sep

Alan Grayson provides some stunning evidence of the ongoing foreclosure fraud in Florida and around the country… Servicers make $6,000. per foreclosure – otherwise, servicing is a break even business. Freddie and Fannie are shareholders in MERS… and have been using the same foreclosure mills the servicers are using; and 97% of all mortgages from […]


TARP Did Nothing to Control Abuse; Indeed it Perpetuates Abuse and Fraud

15 Sep

One of two very important pieces from today – we’ll get to the second one next: the sidelining of Elizabeth Warren on the Consumer Proctecion Agency – but for now, let’s take a walk down the road of near history and the creation of a ‘bailout’ which is not only perpetuating the fraud but […]


Bill Black Statement to Congress April 20, 2010

20 Apr

If you were looking for some seriously clear and in depth reading on the way the entire mortgage/financial bubble/crisis all came about here is where you need to go: < Bill Black’s Statement To Congress April 20, 2010 Keep in mind that Mr. Black was answering a list of questions prepared for him by Congress, […]


At LAST Some Grown Ups!?! Washington’s Blog at Naked Capitalism: Fraud Finally Being Discussed in Polite Company… Now Where are the Prosecutions?

11 Apr

This morning I woke up thinking to myself “Where are all the adults?” and this post at Naked Capitalism seems right up that alley… Greenspan, slippery as an eel in a rushing river, has been sliding around this issue forever, and yet suddenly out of the blue he starts talking about regulators and enforcement?! And, […]

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The Best Way to Rob a Country: Own a Bank

08 Apr

The latest from Edward Harrison at Credit Writedowns covering The Five Part Real News Interviews with Bill Black: Bill Black: To rob a country, own a bank Edward Harrison