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Why Are Cities Failing? Municipal Crimes of The New Mob: How Wall Street Trashed The World

22 Jun

Matt Taibbi is probably the most persistent and well informed  investigative reporter writing and tracking the  ‘bizarre alternate universe’ that has taken over Wall Street and plundered the planet over the past decade. His succinct and clear explanations of the machinations of a rogue mob of bankers gone amok is, incredibly, not only deadly in [...]


Mainstream Media Reporting: Giving Credence Where None is Due

08 Jun

Gotta love the way the mainstream media keeps telling us what they think they can get away with… Bloomberg’s stellar example of how to report the news in the wake of the most damning bipartisan investigation in decades makes it all too clear how the people are supposed to be thinking: Goldman Sachs Too Big [...]


Jesse’s Cafe: What the Mainstream Media Ignores – America Needs to Know…

13 Apr

These two pieces come from Jesse’s Cafe and highlight just what we have been seeing these last few months. The hubbub dies down, the noise returns, the truth gets buried again. Joe Stiglitz has his say, and that’s at least a good thing, but notice where the piece has been carried.. no mainstream media here… [...]


Why Isn’t Wall Street in Jail? – Rolling Stone’s Matt Taibbi Answers the Question so well There is NO ROOM FOR DOUBT

18 Feb

Today we read this latest piece from Rolling Stone. The message is abundantly clear: the Oligarchs are firmly in power; the game is over and the people have lost.  If you have any doubt, it will only take you as long as it takes to read this piece to leave the doubt behind. Sadly, at [...]


Matt Taibbi Breaks the Jefferson County Story: Welcome to the New Third World America & The Collapse of Municipalities Begins!

08 Apr

For those readers who have not yet cottoned on to the idea that we are already in the new third world country of the United States, this article will make it all too clear: and for those who have not yet grasped how the CDOs and “CHURN” work to swallow up the resources and assets [...]


Banks In the News: The Greek Crisis, Goldman Sachs, the Greek Government and Max Keiser

21 Mar

Getting the picture right – Max Keiser drills it all home when it comes to Greece; there is no place like Max to get the real informartion so in your face that if you did NOT know what was going on before he started, you will when he is done. What is lovely here is [...]


The Never Ending Pointless Debate – While the Banks Still Call the Shots

02 Jul

The government says they are supporting short sales and loan modifications for homeowners – yet less than 3 percent of all loan modifcations at this time include any reduction in principle on mortgages as housing values continue to fall. Meantime short sales falter as banks add new “home owner contribution” requirements, strip agent commissions and [...]

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