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FHFA Cases Filed Against 17 Financial Institutions

08 Sep

By now most people know that the FHFA, conservator for Fannie and Freddie, has filed 17 major law suits in New York and Connecticutt Federal Courts starting on the Friday before Lfabor day weekend. Here are the actual filings from the FHFA in the Federal Courts.   FHFA_2011-09-02_Final_Complaint_v_MS FHFA_v_Barclays FHFA_v_BoA_Other FHFA_v_Citi FHFA_v_Credit_Suisse FHFA_v_Deutsche_Bank FHFA_v_First_Horizon FHFA_v_Goldman_Sachs […]


Oh What Tangled Webs We Weave, When First We Practice to Deceive…

02 Dec

Naked Capitialism’s Yves Smith updates the ‘no transfer of the mortgage backed part’ story of Countryside in court testimony disputed by B of A attorney… hmmm.  Sinking deeper… We expect she is exactly right on this: the denials will get louder and more vociferous until the evidence overwhelms the noise – note her remarks regarding […]


Janet Tavakoli on Bank Foreclosure Fraud

13 Nov

Thanks to Karl Denninger for posting this so we saw it. Janet Tavakoli is one of the sanest and clearest voices in this crisis; and it’s about time the rest of the ‘experts’ and particularly the government and regulators started listening to her… Is Jamie Dimon going the way of Ken Lewis? Tavakoli gives a […]


The Bank of America Story Gains Wider Coverage… No Holder in Due Course, Transfers, Ownership, Toxic Assets

12 Nov

The Bank of America story is getting around… Sorry, we just bring you what we find out there… Hmmm. Bill Black adn Randall Wray have been calling for B of A to open their books for some time now; and based on what we know, we do not disagree. Of course we think we need […]


Yves Addresses the Peculiar Case of the Putback Letter to Countrywide a Little More Deeply

25 Oct

Digging deeper into the whole blackrock, NY Fed, pimco putback letter to countrywide… You’ll need to get all the way through this piece here to get to the heart of the matter; from breaking it out of a he-said/she-said clusterf**k to legal issues of standing and venue it isn’t as simple or as direct as […]


Magnetar: This American Life Tells the Story of “The Insider”

19 Apr

This link will take you to the Public Radio show This American Life, where they tell the story of Magnetar Story of how a new hedge fund created to strip the money out of the American Middle Class. Ira Glass tells the story of Magnetar and the Massive Financial Crisis it Produced.

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