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DJ’s story from Nathan’s Economic Edge

07 Nov

This is a personal story from a blog we have been watching for a couple of years… Life told from the first person.  This is what is going on across the US, and if you are not there yet you are lucky but we are clear that this is where we are: Shattered Dreams – [...]


Alternet’s Nomi Prins: Speculative Banks Still Rule

19 Apr

Speculating Banks Still Rule — Ten Ways Dems and Dodd Are Failing on Financial Reform By Nomi Prins None of this is reform. We are better off with nada than vapid promises and a false sense of security. April 14, 2010 | As we wind up for another dramatic bipartisan squabble over all the crap [...]


Regulators, Fed, Insiders Had ForeKnowledge of Housing Bubble: Looking at Housing Values History

16 Apr

This article from Washington’s Blog is a good place to start to wrap your head around the bhousing bubble and what was known when… Greenspan, in an interesting twist compared to what is printed here below, was quoted this past week as saying he was warning about the housing bubble as early as 2004! Our [...]


Mandelman Strikes Again: WaMu and We Don’t Lose Deals to Income!

15 Apr

If you have not yet watched the William K. Black videos and interviews on this site you need to start now. This article from Mandelman Matters will give you the insdie scoop on the Senate investigation that corroborates EVERYTHING Black has been saying about White Collar Crime and Control Fraud and HOW it all fits [...]


At LAST Some Grown Ups!?! Washington’s Blog at Naked Capitalism: Fraud Finally Being Discussed in Polite Company… Now Where are the Prosecutions?

11 Apr

This morning I woke up thinking to myself “Where are all the adults?” and this post at Naked Capitalism seems right up that alley… Greenspan, slippery as an eel in a rushing river, has been sliding around this issue forever, and yet suddenly out of the blue he starts talking about regulators and enforcement?! And, [...]

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The Best Way to Rob a Country: Own a Bank

08 Apr

The latest from Edward Harrison at Credit Writedowns covering The Five Part Real News Interviews with Bill Black: Bill Black: To rob a country, own a bank Edward Harrison


Fronline, Reich, Jesse’s Cafe: Greenspan, Rubin, Summers & the Dismantling of The US Economy: No Reform in Sight

05 Apr

04 April 2010 Reich Levels Broadside at Greenspan, Rubin, and Summers, and Phony Financial Reform In 1999 I started wondering what Robert Rubin might have said to Alan Greenspan in a private meeting in 1997 to cause him to reverse his policy bias shortly after his famous “irrational exuberance” speech and embrace the monetary easing [...]


William Black Short Version: Standard & Poors Criminal Activities Proved

22 Mar

This video is a short clip of the longer (1:38min) Hammer Museum talk given by Mr. Black in 2009. *You can find that complete talk in earlier posts in the William Black section of this site. This little snip is very clear all by it self for those in a hurry. Standard & Poor’s criminal [...]


Foreclsoure News: 7.5 Million Loans in Some Form of Delinquency

22 Mar

This piece from puts a little more realistic perspective on the current housing crisis and where it really stands today. Just consider the end of this article and the statistics that show that 31% of loans that have been delinquent for over 6 months have no foreclosure actions taking place. that menas that there [...]


William Black On The Edge With Max Keiser

19 Mar

If you wanted the clearest possible picture of what it is we are faced with here today, this just might give you the foundation to build it. Max Keiser, irreverent expat and wildly direct extrapolator, and William Black, academe, philosopher, educator, former Federal Investigator and brilliant distiller of facts such as these: “As what the [...]