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Howard Davidowitz on Tech Ticker: “Economic Crisis a Gigantic Ponzi Scheme!”

02 Jul

This Tech TIcker video intervew of Howard Davidowitz is a great piece. Unfortunately it is not set up so we can embed it here – you’ll have to follow the link to watch it – but it’s well worth the trip! Howard Davidowitz: Economic Crisis a Giagantic Ponzi Scheme! Have a great 4th!

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Washington’s Blog: James Galbraith Says Let the Economists Step Back and the Criminologists Step Up

26 Apr

Hmmmm.  The banks committed fraud?  Hmmmm….  James Galbraith says Economists need to take a step back and Criminologists step forward. Bill Black agrees…  Hmmmmm.  What do you know? Hmmm…  Sounds reasonable to us! Economist James Galbraith: Economists Should Move into the Background, and “Criminologists to the Forefront” from Washington’s Blog by George Washington 1 person [...]


Bill Black Statement to Congress April 20, 2010

20 Apr

If you were looking for some seriously clear and in depth reading on the way the entire mortgage/financial bubble/crisis all came about here is where you need to go: < Bill Black’s Statement To Congress April 20, 2010 Keep in mind that Mr. Black was answering a list of questions prepared for him by Congress, [...]


Mandelman Says READ THIS BOOK If You Want to Understand The Current Crisis!

08 Apr

As the big fans of <h3><a href=””>Mandelman Matters </a></h3> that we are (one of the few places for sane insight on the current mortgage and foreclosure disaster that is sweeping our country, we are thrilled to find a great book recommendation posted there today. While we must admit that we nave never been huge fans [...]

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The Best Way to Rob a Country: Own a Bank

08 Apr

The latest from Edward Harrison at Credit Writedowns covering The Five Part Real News Interviews with Bill Black: Bill Black: To rob a country, own a bank Edward Harrison


William Black Short Version: Standard & Poors Criminal Activities Proved

22 Mar

This video is a short clip of the longer (1:38min) Hammer Museum talk given by Mr. Black in 2009. *You can find that complete talk in earlier posts in the William Black section of this site. This little snip is very clear all by it self for those in a hurry. Standard & Poor’s criminal [...]


Edward Harrison on Rampant Mortgage Fraud

19 Mar

The second  section of the March 17 article from Credit WriteSowns’ Edward harrison got our attention today; not just because the first section dealt with local Texas news teams uncovering rampant fraud, but because in this seciton Harrison gets into the meat of what are the larger and more important ramifications of the entire Mortgage [...]

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