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CA Housing Market: Dr. Housing Bubble Blog Report

28 Jun

The California Housing Market June 2010 by the Dr Housing Bubble Blog: Things are not getting better, they are getting much worse… 800,000 mortgages in California are 30+ days late or in foreclosure. Only 132,000 show up in the MLS. Why there will be no housing bottom for California until at least 2012. The latest […]


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Rennaisance 2.0 The Economic Lessons You Never Learned in School

15 Apr

These lessons in economics were produced by Damon Vrabel and are a powerful set of teachings which have been introduced to by Nathan Martin, of Nathan’s Economic Edge. The aim of is to bring to light the real issues of debt backed money and how they are presently controlling the lives and livelihoods […]


Jesse’s Cafe – Beware the Ides of March – Markets

28 Feb

Plenty to think about as we roll into the new month and Jesse covers some fertile ground here which has been on my mind a lot of late. The sheer volume of insanity seems to be rising around us as a wild cognitive dissonance takes over the landscape of reason. In the past week alone […]