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Best Short History of the United States Ever

18 Nov

We came across this excellent short history of the United States over at in the comments section.   Thu, 11/17/2011 – 23:31 | Here is a brief history of America: >>>>>>>>>> Originally, 20 year charters for corporations (had to be renewed) 1782 Bank of North America – Founder imprisoned for fraud and other abuses [...]


Why Isn’t Wall Street in Jail? – Rolling Stone’s Matt Taibbi Answers the Question so well There is NO ROOM FOR DOUBT

18 Feb

Today we read this latest piece from Rolling Stone. The message is abundantly clear: the Oligarchs are firmly in power; the game is over and the people have lost.  If you have any doubt, it will only take you as long as it takes to read this piece to leave the doubt behind. Sadly, at [...]


The Truth About Banks – 3 Part Bank Truth From Zeitgeist Videos

05 Dec

Oh these are quite good. Debt backed central bank money, the federal reserve and more… this is a short but mostly accurate coverage of the history of the formation of the super state of the federal reserve and now IMF, World Bank and how they have controlled the world ever since… Manipulating the money supply [...]


The Fed Wants to Debase the Dollar… History Says: Reckless Destruction of Money By Monetary Regimes at the Expense of People Globally

22 Oct

The US Dollar is doomed Puru Saxena Posted Oct 22, 2010 Austerity be damned, at this rate Mr. Bernanke will go down in the history books as one of the greatest money creators ever to have walked this planet! Never mind sky-high deficits and a crushing debt overhang, at its most recent FOMC meeting, the [...]


The Dr. Brings the Numbers Home: Americans Have Lost 6.8 Trillion with a T.

09 Sep

The $9.1 trillion bailout price tag – American households have lost $6.8 trillion in residential real estate values while mortgage debt has increased. The banking Stockholm Syndrome. “It takes two to speak truth, one to speak and another to hear.” -Henry David Thoreau For those following the housing boom and bust carefully, the solution to [...]


Nathan’s Economic Edge Brings Damon Vrabel’s Important Education to the Table

23 Aug

Damon Vrabel – Monopoly Money and the International Banking Cartel from Nathan’s Economic Edge by (Nathan A. Martin) 1 person liked this The sooner people understand what it is Damon is saying here – WHO is in control of our money – the sooner we can find real and meaningful progress! Monopoly Money and [...]


Denninger Reports: US Appeals Court Refuses to Reconsider Fed’s Request to Keep Documents Secret

23 Aug

Fed Loses (Again), Expected To Appeal from The Market Ticker by Karl Denninger Gee, you mean that really is a government function and the FOIA really does apply? Aug. 23 (Bloomberg) — A U.S. appeals court refused to reconsider a ruling that requires the Federal Reserve Board to disclose documents identifying financial firms that might [...]


Jesse on Chris Whalen’s Biting Reality Check on Financial Reform

11 Aug

How little the world changes no matter what the media pumps out into the airwaves – ‘going back to the future’ in and outside of the Fed and Regulatory system… yes, it’s true: nothing has changed because it is the Fraud and Corruption, and that has not changed. Interesting that one of the Fed’s own [...]


Excellent Piece on Fed Economists Ruinous to US Economy

29 Jul

This very amusing piece on the Fed Economist’s essay chiding all of us that only PhD Economists could have anything meaningful to say about macro economics… If you haven’t seen the piece, or this lovely response by Graham, enjoy and read on… Graham Summers – The Stinging Critique of a Worker Bee from Nathan’s Economic [...]

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MyBudget360: Sticking it to Small Business

17 Jul

How’s it looking for the not – too – big – to – fail companies; What’s the reality for small business? Here’s MyBudget360′s latest report: Sticking it to small business – Small firms charged an average of $3,224 per month of business expenses on credit cards. Yanking the credit card from small business. $40 billion [...]