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CreditWriteDowns Puts the Recent Financial Reality and History in Perspective: Telling the Truth About the Financial “Crisis”

17 Jun

There are those who say the American people are too dumbed down to understand the economic coup or jihad which has befallen them. In these days of non-speak, cross-talk, derailing distractions and sidewinding by politicians, bankers, and the media mouth-pieces, it is hard to fault Americans for ‘not getting it’. After all, no one is [...]


Why Isn’t Wall Street in Jail? – Rolling Stone’s Matt Taibbi Answers the Question so well There is NO ROOM FOR DOUBT

18 Feb

Today we read this latest piece from Rolling Stone. The message is abundantly clear: the Oligarchs are firmly in power; the game is over and the people have lost.  If you have any doubt, it will only take you as long as it takes to read this piece to leave the doubt behind. Sadly, at [...]


Huff Post: Black and Ray Call on FDIC to Take B of A into Receivership

23 Oct

This is the first good sign we have seen on what NEEDS to happen. Let’s back this movement up and get the real clean up beginning. Let’s RESTORE THE RULE OF LAW. Your request is being processed… Dan Froomkin | HuffPost Reporting Become a Fan Get Email Alerts from this Reporter FDIC Called On [...]


Magnetar: This American Life Tells the Story of “The Insider”

19 Apr

This link will take you to the Public Radio show This American Life, where they tell the story of Magnetar Story of how a new hedge fund created to strip the money out of the American Middle Class. Ira Glass tells the story of Magnetar and the Massive Financial Crisis it Produced.

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Regulators, Fed, Insiders Had ForeKnowledge of Housing Bubble: Looking at Housing Values History

16 Apr

This article from Washington’s Blog is a good place to start to wrap your head around the bhousing bubble and what was known when… Greenspan, in an interesting twist compared to what is printed here below, was quoted this past week as saying he was warning about the housing bubble as early as 2004! Our [...]


Yves Smith: Rahm Emanuel and Magnetar Capital – The Inside Story of How the Subprime Went Ballistic

13 Apr

This bombshell hit Naked Capitalism today – if you were looking for the deeper story on the whole subprime explosion turned implosion, I guess you could figure Yves Smith would be one of the ones who brought it for us… Unenlightened Self Interest is exactly the right description. Rahm Emanuel and Magnetar Capital: The Definition [...]


The Guardian: Editted Excerpt From “The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine” By Michael Lewis

22 Mar

This is a fairly long and intense read but very well worth it. For an in-depth and fascinating look at the real game that played out to become the most major economic crisis of our times, this will give readers some very interesting background. And no one will ever again be able to tell you [...]


William Black on Bill Moyers: The Interview that Started it All

21 Mar

This is the complete POS Bill Moyers’ Journal Interview that started it all way in the Spring of 2009. No matter what you may think about the larger issues of the crisis (such as the problems with the private banks having control of our money supply) this is a great place to start to get [...]