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Rebecca Campbell’s September 2012 Filing of Criminal and Civil Charges Against The Washington State Corporate Goverment/Media for Ongoing Systemic Financial /Consitutional Fraud and Treason

17 Oct

Here is an excellent and well sourced and documented court filing that every American can get behind and join, should they be wise enough to understand it, do the research and confirm it for themselves. Much of the truth of the history regarding this treaonous takeover is documented not only here at but also [...]


Naked Capitalism: Yves Smith Digs Deeper on the Lehman Criminal Actions

10 Sep

Yves Smith takes a closer look at the shady practices of Lehman and reminds us that we need to keep our eyes on the ball, even when Lehman went down the tubes in 2008… Her pointed analysis of the accessory issue,wherein accountants and other ‘expert’ advisors are somehow held in a safe space bubble which [...]